Austrias Older Banknotes

Today, let’s take a look at some Austrian banknotes, so if you’re not too familiar with Austrian banknotes, it is actually what Austrian use the shilling system. so this is a two-shilling banknote we have here and these were actually issued after the allied occupation of Austria.

So sometime after May 1945 by by the 8th for May 1945, most of Austria had been occupied except for some portions you know Viennahadn’t been occupied yet but that was actually quickly year corrected so the lower denominations are actually groschen so let’s have a look can you see? There you go Russia shilling it was one hundred Russian this is a 50 groschen piece but time needs to take an air circulation in 2002.

It’s worth about five Australian since pretty much similar size anyway but this allied military is hauled dead who therethrough a seed in 1945 and they lasted to 1947 Chris in 1947 they actually had another currency revaluation for banknotes only so but in 1945 these were issued through pacer a schmuck so he’s here to rush my coin but initially, the right mark replaced the to the earlier shelling and a rate of one rush marker comes one after link and in 1945 they replaced the shilling of the rice market one to one so he said that the same value was that that’s a silver coin but it wasn’t in circulation after 1940and the actual values they could actually extend was 150 shillings for 150 Reichsmarks for shillings and in1947 they had the same one hundred and fifty shillings.

If you had another three thousand shillings you could exchange it one-year shilling it was free old shipping so that’s a devaluation of 66 percent and this is a nice banknote I actually paid a bit too much for this big night because you can get this for about probably five to ten dollars and they come in 50 groschens so half is shilling 1 2 5 10 20 and 25 yes a 20 and25 shillings.

 I can’t remember whatever denominations 50 100 and thousands the hundred and thousand was pretty much the same as they used in the trust mark system so they had a 100 rush marks and in a thousand rush marks and the same with Dupree was shilling they had100 shillings and then a fastened shilling sellers actually know 500shillings up and 219 up until 1953 so it’s the first 500 shillings so that actually a nice banknote so these would have been printed quite a lot to flood the currency into the country and-established independent Austria.

But that’s actually a nice banknote Dan we have the 20 shillings so this one is from 1992 the 88shilling this was issued in 1986 so she can see the date is there 1986bein so Vienna 1st October 1986 there’s a coat of arms here Austrian coat of arms and it has more it’s my cool that finger and in the water market has actually had the actual coat of arms so that’s nice and the rough exchange rate to dollars was tens once it is equivalent to two dollars they actually did have a coin of 20 shillings it was commemorative one so they did that first and won a lot of them are commemorating and I would say they saw to circulate but he’s banknote circulated right into like the end of its life and on the back, we have the Albertina.

So his name their museum whilepainting and that he’s actually inVienna so that’s actually a nice pinknote I’ll actually like Austrian banknotes did last series 55 in 1000 was actually in a better series but you know they actually that was only issued five years next pink know so I don’t have any fifty shillings from 1982 to the issue I’ve got the ones from low near 70.

I’ve no idea how it got so, and these banknotes might just purchase and purchase and that’s about it so as you can see this one’s in pretty bad condition has a coat of arms is Ferdinand y monde so this is birth and death date and looks at his clothing.

Definitely not here today on the back we have the burger theatre so the OperaTheatre in Austria now you can see the serial numbers blue Danny you know right up there we have a look at the number one same thing there are novariations in this banknote but you can probably get okay I’m just looking at the coin catalogue there are actual variations as far as I know. I have any other variations? No.

 If it has I’ll flog around here and that is actually in redit means a second series and these all the first series because they actually did not have it so but I’m these scans it I’m looking at and looks like it has two black serial numbers but no it’s just the wait I’veactually scanned it so that’s actually a nice building so I just wanted equipment the five dollars um if I use this one this one’s probably just equivalent to like you know it’s got tears so probably pretty much face value and a fifty shillings.

Talking about five to ten dollars each in this condition you know this high condition you should probably look on my bed probably ten to fifteen dollars old sign I need uncirculated are actually harder to get and then I have the hoist very big metalhead so this is a 984 as organ boom bond bar work and I don’t know who he actually was it looks like it might have been a medical office because it’s got the medical badge today then here we have the coat of arms again watermark is the coat of arms what’s the watermark on this one don’t have the security thread that doesn’t see any watermark which is surprising cuz I watched you have watermarks over a hundred years soon know don’t see any watermark on it and this is the hi-spec no gods equivalent.

 I’ll stake in dollars and if these ones you’re probably purchasing for about ten-twenty dollars the high denominations you probably find out actually cheaper than the lower ones because the high denomination is actually harder to sell and on this side, we have the Academy the vision shafted Academy of Sciences so listen shafted Academy ofScience and that C in Vienna looks like a nice building built in the 1800s and they look that up but this is a nice banknote so those are the Austrian banknotes that I actually have with how many series are there since 1945 is one two three four five six seven series of banknotes in Sloane 45 so and that’s over seven years so they change the banknotes pretty much every ten years.

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