Will Banknotes from Circulation be Good investments

Hello, fellow coin collectors, today is a post about whether it is actually good to collect banknotes and for this, we’re gonna use the $50 banknote I will do for two years so the 1979 and 1973 series. To know if you’re actually gonna get money back from an investment on banknotes you need to check whether they are actually selling for above the actual inflation rate so here I have the best Inflation, Calculator some people say inflation is a lot higher.

 so if you want to, you can just double pretty much the inflation rate and that will get you the JP Morgan probably, but I’m just gonna use the RBA Reserve Bank RBA Reserve Bank of Australia. Here, we have a basket of goods and services included at $50 in the calendar year 1979. $50 in 1979 would be in 2018 I know it’s teased behind but next year I’ll probably put 2019, it’s always been two years behind so it is two hundred and thirty-six dollars and seventy-eight cents so Round it up two hundred thirty-seven dollars.

Now it is equivalent to $50 in 1979. So, if you collected a banknote in 1979 a $50 banknote you need to be able to get two hundred and thirty-seven dollars for it, to just equal $50, that doesn’t include the profit or anything so basically we’re gonna look at. 1979 is Nightstone and as you can see $125 so that’s pretty much-a hundred dollars one hundred and ten dollars roughly less than what you actually need.

So, if you collected this 1979 you can see it’s in pretty good condition definitely, I’ll collect them, they are actually lost pretty much probably further the value so it would have been better for you to either spend it or invest in something that actually going to and give you a normal return like the stock market I believe pretty many averages inflation or a little bit higher so these banknotes know.

Let’s have a look at another one virtually uncirculated 212 and just remember what we needed is 236 237. So, 200 roll no and you have to remember this is eBay so they have to pay probably about 13 to 18 per cent depending on a variety of factors, 13 percent with just eBay and PayPal fees they’re nice if they’ve got a store they need to pay extra and well that’s pretty nice night in stone bank night why if so why is the first prefix I know not why demand why hate H is the last prefix sorry that was the e y HJ est 1983.

So these banknotes were in circulation from 1979 to 1983 they will just circulate after but to see the signature changed so they wouldn’t have been printed so no if this one you would have but this one’s extremely fine that’s another as good as great as the everyone so I personally wouldn’t buy it so let’s have a look at sold items so we go here they up changed air okay so extremely fine 69 really it’s just not worth keeping that banknote although at the time you probably wouldn’t have known this is a reflection for polymer banknote and whether you should collect the 2018 banknote.

Personally, I would not I’ll probably keep one but that’s a birdie in 30 to 40 years you’re probably just gonna lose money on it because so many have been printed specially with its quantitative easing and I can probably push inflation up so this is a pair twenty-five twenty-six one hundred seventy dollars doesn’t seta maximum so basically you’ve got $70you needed four hundred and seventy-four to actually match inflation.

So definitely lost a hell of a lot of money on that one whoever saved at nine and seventy-nine, oh that’s it we only have two so basically they really not good to actually keep from1979 maybe before 2008 they’re actually good to actually keep but I would say well general query Peaks probably not for first and last you can’t get double prices for them but that’s also struggling to push towards the actual inflation calculated that we needed so if we look at sort boy lowest yeah oh if I was going to buy one that way in 125definitely but a lot of the others really struggling in the push towards inflation V Y da see this one uh-huh first perfect knowledge brought it yet but I’d say you probably struggling to get four-engine 20 and say it’s the best to offer automatically just put that on your listings even if you don’t want it.

So 240 yeah matches inflation 450 yeah this is lower than inflation so 4 3 4 4so basically my advice is probably not worth collecting too many $50 banknotes probably collecting one of d 2018 and first the last prefix if they’re in high-grade also the general prefix probably uncirculated and anything below and circulate definitely is not worth keeping because over the long term the inflation would actually eat the actual value but in the book catalogue it’s got90-95 and very fine against this has value for German prefix hundred dollars.

You’re not gonna get a hundred dollars for a very fine line a nine to five polymer banknotes probably circulated you would probably 100 to150 but most of the ever years general perfect and beer for pretty much face value so that is what I think is gonna happen with fire D current fifty dollar banknotes by using the previous one so let’s go to 1973.

So we go back seventy-three relation calculator and so we need a four hundred and seventy-two dollars to get inflation value just back so here we go 73 ok 73 74 let me have a look come on eventually yes 73 Philipwheeler so you need to refine the X research category coins and notes there you go well this one so how much was it that we needed 472 let me write that down cuz have a bad memory so this one uncirculated 87-88thinks are pretty good yes quite nice and this one I see that 600 so that should have to be 944 to get inflation back but you’re$200 less.

so that’s probably how much is that probably better quarter to a third loss fruit inflation then we have all the other banknotes none of them is actually reaching close to 500 dollar mark that you needed there is this one but this is the first prefix uncirculated has a Book value of 1/2thousand so it’s pretty much under 1/2 Book value so that one you can get open inflation that’s only if itself hasn’t sold at the moment.

So let’s see if there are any sold items it’s only nine listings for unsold sue first prefix 900so first prefix uncirculated definitely worth keeping look at this great this is actually $80.00 definitely whoever kept this definitely lost a lot of money general prefix yeh so if you’re gonna click the banknote currently in circulation in this great I would suggest not even the first and last prefix are probably not going to get you any more money so that 73probably find very fine you’ve got seventy eighty dollars.

So as a reflection of 2018 banknotes I just want more about them to spend them in that’s it just for so first the last prefix in uncirculated definitely okay then we go back to listings what’s so what’s the I like to go Louis110 yd I wouldn’t worry about getting and very fine unless you can’t afford any higher so here you go the first prefix are probably buy that because now you’re actually not saving it for the future but I reckon that even if you bought now for how much wasn’t 200 220 it still won’t go up with inflation.

So you’ve lost about 50% of the value of that banknote through inflation and it’s probably will go up by less than inflation in the future so probably in five years I could just sell it for pretty much the same price but inflation will be 15% I reckon so that is exposed into collecting banknotes before just you know you use the nice to use as an example.

I hope this educates you on when you should actually be collecting banknotes, and the ones you should avoid to collect from circulation but if you want one for your collection then there is no harm let’s say thank you very much for reading bye-bye.

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