Noodling through Pennies Searching for Errors

Hello, this is Azubuike and today I have a lot of kangaroo pennies I bought all this slot probably about 150 coins for about 40 dollars that includes postage so these coins are pretty much not worth too much depending on grade and as you can see I actually bought them not for the individual coins themselves or the years whatever just look for error coins.

Now some of these are probably in very good condition especially the 1960s but anyway let’s have a look and see what we actually find in these slots so the first column we have is 1949. So, most of these coins are from 1949 to 1964 except the 959 in Melbourne cheddar, 1.6 million pretty much all high mint coins and in this grade, uranium worth about a dollar if you’re lucky dollar for that’s quite nice, any errors discolouration there but nothing that I can find you can actually get quite a lot of errors for pennies so like in 1949 actually all the fifties and forties coins happen a lot of our area so 1949 has a lot of dried cracks.

They all have a lot of diagrams because the laser light lighter flan itself a lot of cards, very patient in reentering dates are doubling so mechanical doubling where you need to get a few coins to give it actually check the actual variation in the bates. After all, there’s style actually differs second figure 9 faint and wide see these ones pretty nine so talking about the last one faint and wide so it won’t be as deep as this coin I’ll be a lot shallower and some of them probably will be very hard to see and also Australia has doubling but for specific years.

 I’ll make a different post on that let’s just have a look and see what type of errors I actually get okay maybe I’ll divide this one up into a few coins videos Because it is actually the only hundred of these so thank figure one in date so it’s one errant scarce so that’s actually what you need so the bottom of it is pretty fine anything else you can find. I know so we put that aside then we get another coin 1942 can you see the kings head yes slightly not it not that pronounced nothing else maybe this is a big thick up here but nothing on that coin okay next one 1943 and you can see the King’s Head pronounced so that’s quite a good error looks like it actually makes the ear disappear although looks like is actually a lot of damage.

 I need to look into that oh yeah okay so I need to look in today to make sure it’s not postman damaged okay never coin 1956 anything can see on these generally the errors around the rims on the rims but they’re pretty common so they’re really not worth worrying about okay nothing new what’s the wrong day looks like just damaged okay1943 another nine fully free nothing no beautiful see this one’s high-grade so it’s probably 60 to coin 1964 last year and then we have DCC Melbourne mintmark so it’s 10 million it’s still quite a common coin but cuz it’s high grade why not keep it then.

We have another one a lot of damage up here 939 so sticking year this one is a mean teacher of what’s six million nine hundred and twenty four thousand so pretty common coin anything we can find probably card slots between the letterings and dot cracks mainly anything on that oh here we go do you expect that one in here Georgethief what they said 1922 oh nothing stands out on that coin but anyway I’m 51 as you can see is lots of our so this will be elimination floor here obviously not pronounced enough to be really worth worrying about also here I’ll take that another 1939 yes you can see they’re pretty common another high-grade coin, starting to turn.

That’s where you got the original coloured and it’s starting to tone up here this one’s my 59 mmm I haven’t got a good one for 1959 1952 I haven’t seen any mmm what’s the damage on that one another 943 you sounds perfect me you can see the head there yeah lamination fleur. so, I think I’ll stop this video in ten minutes so oh yeah here is a lamination floor you can tell that because the actual date goes over the top of it so there double rim but you know that’s really not rare and look some runs disease 1958oh yeah what is that a mintage oh okay this one in Melbourne.

So about 10million it’s pretty common coin Ohhappen worry about Halfpenny slider lamination floor not really pronounced nothing to worry about you need In cracks 955 again but a same doubling nothing on that 158 any problem there no I’m 45 the end of the second world war of 1946 this is the one you want to actually get 1945 has a minty jaw full perfume in 10 million because there’s a dot under the point behind the why so see you not so perfect actually put me max on these coins.

Some of them anyway now the high grade looks like might be a low-pressure mint in 1961 that’s actually a nice coin so if we wanted to get coin Street collection to get these ones usually they’re not cleaned because it’s not worth cleaning these coins 61 is a bit okay in 1960 number one with a slightly fine one and it’s actually a dyed fuel looks like they’re actually not too rare okay 1944 okay let’s see if I’m a kangaroo it’s not Union time in your diet cracks see they say dog cracks a quite common bear so probably I know it will be on one or two I hear you got elimination floor so something with the middle these usually gets worse as the coin ages because the copper likes to turn into copper oxide and you can see the rim this is probably damaged because Australia actually had a problem with doing the denticles on them keep that one.

This is the first year of the strain kangaroo penny with mint job seven point eight million in this condition pretty much not really worth that much probably two or three dollars but still, I don’t have one in my collection in number one 1949 nothing there and we’re just different points so oh yeah King’s Head 1950 yeah nothing on that coin ninety 49 mm and also I do this just to check the rotation and I ain’t nothin 1938 so you take the best one out get rid of the rest.

That’s basically what I have and also have a lot more coin so maybe this will probably two or three posts itself and then I’ve got halfpennies which I’ll actually make another post so anyway Oh tuppence so anyway let’s say thank very much for reading my post and if you like collecting pennies leave a comment down below and tell me what you like about them thank you very much and have a good day.

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