John Wick Sixth Scale Figure by Kollections

Hey everyone welcome, today we have John wick Chapter two. Let’s get started alright here he is John wick from John wick Chapter two still in his box exactly the way it’s going to come to you look at this huge assortment of accessories that he comes with a arsenal of weaponry a wide assortment of coins, a blood oath marker and so many hands, can’t wait to see what I can do with all of this.
So let’s get rolling alright here he is John wick from John wick chapter two been waiting a long time to get my hands on one of these figures and now I’ve done it for the sake of this first pose I wanted to start with this weapon the ar-15 eleven points five inch compensated with an ion bonded bolt carrier Trijicon acupoint sights in one-sixth magnification pretty much my favorite gun from the movie there are two rights hand pistol grips that come with this figure.
This one right here I think is better for pistols this one right here with the extended index finger is the one that you’re going to want to use with ar-15 so let me just drop that in this hand here really Quicklook that each finger perfectly forms mixed let’s remove this hand and pop this guy into place I should note that you don’t necessarily need to put the gun in the hand first the fingers on this figure are pliable enough that you can just go ahead and put the hand in first and then slip the gun in them with ease.
Next, the front grip and is this guy right here nice and round it to slip over that now this is one of those situations where you can probably benefit from warming the hands using a hairdryer hot water heat gun on a really low temperature setting definitely something you might want to consider when messing with hands that are having a difficult time slipping onto the wrist pegs go ahead and bring this up like now this is just gonna be rough.
 I’m roughing this out because this head exists on a solid neck it’s not double jointed I’m gonna have to really work with this gun to get it into the ideal position I can’t cheat and compensate with head placement it pretty if I this wrist peg where it needs to be yeah that’s in a pretty good place I may need to adjust that here ina second though and yeah I am let’s rotate that around and swivel it up okay there’s two different sights on this gun and I think that I what I want to do is. I want to have him sighting down this side over here not the scope but through the clothes like the one that you would use for more close-quarters combat.
So, well swivel this AR up just a bit more raises arm up again in small increments taking time to twist the jacket back around, so that it’s not doing anything just really obnoxious so that’s where it needs to be I’m gonna bring this arm up notice how that happened isn’t that curious when you square I squeeze this body it allowed some tension to be placed right here and that made the arm bounce out that’s just something that can happen anytime that you’re working with a six scale figure you run the risk it’s just kind of in the nature of the beast that one movement in particular and look how that happening there with this jacket, is going to create a counter-movement in another limb again.
Just the nature of the beast count on it happening and just plan to adjust I’m going to go ahead and slide this down there all right so together I’m gonna raise both arms and because of all the clothing here that John is wearing it’s bit of a struggle to get it up as high as I want it to be just needed a little bit more of a move on that wrist see how it actually came over the top of the arm that’s interesting I’ve never done that with a sixth scale figure before but that’s what it took to get that gun to the level that I really wanted it to be.
Push it too far that can happen okay so just slowly get it back in there so this is just gonna be a slow somewhat painful process to find the balance between where his eye is gonna be aiming down the scope and I think I just got it that’s close enough I’m just rotating that around I think that works really really well from where I am but I’m pretty close to the figure when you get for it sometimes as you get further back from the figure you notice things about a pose and about the placement of things that you didn’t notice before but and I may adjust this later but for now I’m right where I want to be except for one thing now becauseI’m me what I’ve done here is I have forgotten to put the strap over John’sshoulder I think the best way to make that happen is to employ a feature that’s been designed into this strap.
There are two clasps right here buckles if you will that you can just unsnap and this needs to come around this shoulder and back up to here so let me just shove this up through a crook in John’s elbow then back over his shoulder just be taking great care to make sure that the proper that the buckles are facing the proper direction bring that around just make sure it’s not twisted and then reattach the clasp and if you have to do this may I recommend you don’t those pliers okay so we got them we’ve got the strap back on now looking good now we got futz with us again get his head back down to try to bring this up in a way that simulates realism get that arm up get that arm up wick all right.
Notice how by pushing this elbow joint forward it kind of gun kind of naturally raises up closer to John’s cheek I just really want this to be as close to perfect as I can get it for my own reasons as well as you know for you guys the stock is back here up against his shoulder like it should be he’s looking pretty he’s pretty close to looking right down that site my memory of John wick is that he constantly in motion he’s not just staying there doing target practice.
He constantly moving he’s crouched a semi crouched and he’s kind of being evasive at the same time I’m just gonna experiment with different body postures here see what works best but I don’t like it it just looks too straightforward so I just want to have him kind of doing like a sidestep like he’s just stepped out from behind a corner and is taking aim and I think that works a lot better he’s stepped out of cover and he’s sighting in on a group of advancing enemies and that is fairly basic close approximation of a pose with the ar-15.
Let’s slap a magazine in note that I’ve got him it doesn’t look like he’s looking at me when I look down the and I look down the gun at him it does look like he’s looking slightly down but that works cuz it looks like he’s looking into the site which is what he’d be doing must you see that magnet magnified image of what he’s aiming atNAPA and itself go literally boom the heroic archetypes embodied by Johnwick are numerous lone gunman Ronindemigod.
You’d be hard-pressed to find one he doesn’t personify the extreme possibility of this figure means he’ll be able to represent the character in whichever way you choose. So I would like to say thank you very much for reading my post. Thank you very much and good luck with your shopping.

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