Argentina Older Banknotes

These banknotes are actually ones from 1970 of your 80 free series so that these banknotes and then we have the Austrian issued in 1985 and in between we have another currency called the I’m just looking it up peso Argentina so that that was equivalent to 1000 pesos off the old series.

 So this is a new one and then that was replaced from 1000 I don’t in pesos because wanna stroke so in actual fact you need 1 million of these banknotes to equal one nostril that’s how bad inflation actually got and the Austral was actually not the last inflation period for Argentina so in 1991 they replaced it at 10,000 to 1to the current peso and the current pesos also starting to lose its v4quite quickly but when I get a banknotes it will is nice to actually show you.

So who is on these banknotes? wife Olivia it says San Martin and he’s one of the liberators of self America this would be Simon Bolivar and there’s few herb is actually so I’m full bars one mainly up north and that’s what Olivia gets its name from and then you currencies a Bolivar and they’re Venezuelan bully bars and used on nice banknotes and there is no security, there is a watermark then it’s an actual star and looks like the Sun then it’s another security feature here so you hold that on both sides actually has the same printing and they should match up.

So if they don’t match up its actually in error and on the back we have the Korea dear Gloria Mendozaprobably the statue of glory or something like that and here we have the coat of arms of Argentina so it’s got a look with ice it’s got a Phrygian cap it’s got blue and white forwardArgentinian colours and the flake in two hands so this currency was first issued.

 I can’t remember what book time and the last Bank no to actually issue d-series is one peso and the highest banknote is1 million so that’s how bad inflation actually got so this is in the low range of the actual denominations and then we have the 1000 pesos.

 So this is a brown banknote as you can see in all these have a San Martin when he was an older figure so a lot of pictures you’ll probably see if when he was younger and this one is used up until 1983 I means it’s the last run of the series because there was no other letters after this and here we have their plaza Demayo, Buenos aires with the item tone flag flying and statue some guy pretty much the same security features no security Fred water marquis looks like the Sun it looks like the watermark goes all across the paper.

Then this is the main security feature I would say and have a look at that and hold it up they join up looks like a butterfly or something beautiful then we have the10000 so this is the high-speed Bank net I have of Hutchins you know it was introduced in 1976 now you can see it’s actually a slightly different version so they’ve actually changed it and Mike made it more modernized so it looks like Issa hello figure.

 so maybe he’s radioactive we’re taking drugs and he’s on a monkey so nuts that’s nice the watermark is don’t be hard to make out because of their printing on the back but here we have a beautiful landscape this is actually quite nice and this is actually the oh ma NationalPark into the Rios and I actually like that these bread colour is actually beautiful on the banknote and you have another security feature here so you can see that actually joins up and then we have this security feature here so that’s actually what a nice being now.

 I actually like this being that that’s why I actually got the rest in series are not as good because eyebrows types of browns blues and how about the highest the 1 millionth one mean pesos doesn’t actually look too attractive looks pretty amateurish actually seis is probably the best banknote of the actual series and then we have the Austral series so issued in 1985 up to and – 1991 this suffered heavily from inflation.

So another thing I’d like to say all these banknotes come in the 1:5 series so you have 1 5 10 20 and not 20 50 hundred five hundred strolls and up to five hundred thousand this on me ever like 1 5 10 50 10010,000 50,000 100,000 up to 4 1 million it’s a pretty simple feature on the oneAustral we have these guys but not though we’ve had the ravioli or whatever provider via God Commodore so it’s pretty an evil person and then we have looked like some shells here or abstract shells probably mathematical patterns and here’s some have security features have watermark know it yes it does just like the sons in the background looks like goes across the paper no security Fred but we do have these white coloured Fred’s which are an older security feature.

They date back to like the 1800s 1880s 1890s the old GermanEmpire banknotes had these Fred’s as well and here’s another security feature so that actually joined up for former full oval shape and on the reverse, we have progress saw so as an Argentinian shield flag and Progresso with a flame sort of progress of Asian Tina and you can see it’s sunny parted in tine kind of arms and the only ever back now I have from the series is d50 Austral so this is also issued at the same time Oh- banknotes per day pretty much the same.

So it is this feature of forms donat know what that shape is it looks like a nice top of aeroplane Capella Patton and we have gen lieutenant general but told member today and on the back, we also have progress also she seems to me standard feature on all these banknotes you know actually like this look so quite nice beautiful we got the Sun in the watermark coat of arms over here so that is a basic introduction of Argentinebanknotes.

Now if you look at the current banknotes actually quite have a lot better let me pick one up on the phone so here is the current series of banknotes from Argentina and I’ve actually been told that this is actually quite a poor quality bank not even a to actually look quite nice this is a hundred pesos I think it’s only worth about a dollar fifty so if they actually have lost their value considering in the 2000s used to be equal to one hundred US dollars so you used to be tied to the United States currency but as these become worthless you can actually collect them because who wouldn’t want to collect Argentine banknotes especially when is there quite a lot of them to actually collect.

 I’m going to endeavour to get these Australseries and then I’ll try and get the peso series because um these ones are actually a bit more so with the value also these two probably made about one or two dollars because they’re very common low denominations a lot and imprinted this one’s a bit harder to get you probably paying around about five dollars so this banknote they need to get higher in the denominations the less time they had in circulation unless of printed like the one million is actually harder to get new be pain-free ten to twenty dollars for that banknote but these ones are low denominations.

First-year 1985 so these are easy to get new to all one dollar each if you want to eat the 500,000 you probably also thinking I’ll probably 15to 20 rolls for that one but you know it’s just a nice serious again so anywayI’ll I’d say thank you very much for watching my video I hope you can like this video and subscribe to my channel also have awesome bacon up collecting time people thank you

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