How Much is a 1966 50 Cent Coin

Hello, fellow coin collectors, this is Azubuike and today we’re going to have a look at the value of the 1966 silver 50cent coin. So here I am on eBay and I use eBay quite a lot because is the actually good place actually to get coin prices from a lot of countries.

 This one is Australian 50 cent coin and the first time we have is starting price of $9 for these two coins and it’s actually a pretty good price I’m gonna watch it and see if that actually gets any feeds but the 50 cent coin as you can see I have it sorted from lowest to highest and that includes postage because I include postage in whatever I buy now as you can see 12.95 includes a lot that’s cheapest you’re actually gonna get it to buy it on anyway and then then you have one for ten dollars it’s probably an okay price and as you can see they’ve got very fine limited circulation.

So that’s like fifty thirty-four million not fifty-four thirty-four million postage is a bit too high photos are not that good to see space with ten dollars a lot of people not really getting worried about photos then you got some ever coins actually increasing price but this one got uncirculated and looks like could scratch could be from being damaged by over coins but apart from that it doesn’t look like it has much we’re on it just a lot of scratching that’s babies but we almost.

I mean we’re also we don’t know anything about that then you just got some everyone said actually overpriced $28 $26 this just over priced I actually Wouldnt recommend even one actually buying these 21:28 no 47 that if it’s uncirculated here probably about 50 now $18, so I recommend someone buying it if it’s circulated probably no more than $12 I really wouldn’t worry about it so then we go to sold items and as you can see this one sold for $8 including postage so about $7like it’s obviously quite so close pretty bad condition then we have everyone’s food in dollars including postage so that’s about twelve dollars take away postage obviously those have been your circulation you can tell with all the scratches on it.

So yep we need circulation it’s still in good condition, I think the boy weighs about eighty dollars but this is eBay and an extra case you’re not really gonna get a fight dollars I hope you shop around you might be lucky say yeah bit red indoors paint including postage I’ll have a lot of them at that price seven dollars fifty per stage $10 dollars postage so really people are looking around about ten to twelve dollars and here we have one in very good condition actually looks quite nice come on actually.

If Iactually saw that Kono gourd up myself because have a look it seemed very good condition the photos actually quite good I don’t think the photos lie on this coin which you can see it has some minor circulation on the top the colour seems fine has some tiny I’m sorry its getting a rainbow colour I have some bag marks from ever coins so if we look at this so you can see a lot of scratching this is really what photo you actually want to see in a coin and you showed you did the true condition of the extra coin you can see has a lot some dark attaining from where’s Vincesitting around somewhere and as you can see down the bottom it’s quite a nice coin.

 I definitely would have brought this coin I had some scratches on so but I just like the colour of it I’m not too sure if that’s really the actual colour in real life but those photos are actually pretty good so I wouldn’t buy ones from like these photos are actually terrible to come on you can’t really on this coin you can half it’s too bright you can’t really tell that much it’s bit blurry this one you can’t really pick out the true condition and neither this one is something you can really see much detail on so unless you and they don’t even have the other side do they have it in the description? No, 

So those photos pretty good but for $10per coin you get why not close the bullion value and then you have everyone so bit 10 to 12 dollars per coin if it’s a circulated coin a little bit higher if it is an uncirculated coin so15 $18if you pay more than that then I’ll advise you not to actually do it because they will be overpriced there is enough coins I said to satisfy the market but there is not too much demand that it actually drives the price up so people generally get these.

 I have one in the collection and whatever else accidentally because they probably are stacking silver so here we have a hundred pieces solve for $500 so it’s really five dollars per piece so if you can fly bench of dolls and you could buy a lot like that it’s actually very good but it’s less tin we in value you merely she really want to sell these for listening we invade poppy not so these ones are actually good by hundred pieces 300 God we saw it that much money and it looks like they’re all from the same seller so who is that that’s actually selling them so you’ve got enough money these are the ones you should actually get my feedbackNick oh that’s actually very bad if it’s got negative free I can’t have a look what happened it looks like they actually didn’t wanna sell it not surprising look at the price actually sold for so right this is selling us these socks sorry.

 I’m getting big dude huh same person Astro this is the same fella lets try yeah it looks like he just cancelled the lot it’s probably that boy off that person that Pope went sending the extra coin and here is one that actually being graded so it’s a proof one so 1966 takes a TV shoot proof coins yes just fresh sixty-two on that actually he’s a very nice coin and photos are actually pretty good for going through plastic they’ve actually done a good job one nice photo there just a has some tiny discolouration she’s P but yeah that’s a nice Gordon how much that one’s self for $290 of a proof coin so anyway those are the prices that you’ll be paying for silver 50 cent coins anyway like say thank you very much reading my post and now please just have an awesome coin collecting time thank you and bye-bye

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