Are Coin Catalogue Values Correct in Today’s Market?

Hello, fellow coin collectors, this is Azubuike back with another post today we’re gonna have a look at a coin catalogue basically for pre-decimal Australian coins. This is called all coin values so if you want to come here this catalogue is actually not fully realized. so a lot of coins actually missing they actually started from the lost denomination or do you stream pretty small coins a day but if we look at the United States, see we do have two half-cent in the one penny but all the evidence on the nations are actually missing.

So, that is not a full catalogue there so pretty much useless to us collectors at the moment coins is more developed so its missing a lot of the high denominations and this is actually good because actually gives mintages and actually gives coin catalogue base, so INRIA these coin catalogue, vase actually pretty similar to Rennicks and the other one I think can’t remember who it is but I wouldn’t actually use this as gospel because you’re new to coin collecting the values in these catalogues are actually pretty much only a quarter to a half of what they actually sell now and the reason why that needs a few things the coin collector actually goes on what is actually sold probably themselves from coin shops or auction sites.

So, you got numismatics which actually sells coins and banknotes and that’s probably where they actually get the values from but I don’t think they take into account eBay sales which I reckon is more in line with current market values so I was on the Facebook group, Australian coins I’ve kept what it’s actually called by us not know wasn’t buyers like shower towel and ask or something like that I love. you used probably are familiar with that coin forum and someone brought a 19-15 penny for the same 1916 half penny and as you can see there’s only one issued at the heated mint in 1914 and I paid $50 for it and as you can see here is the actual coin in a higher grade.

Though 720-thousand and it actually has a catalogue value of $55 a very good 138 in fine condition but if you go to eBay it’s already put it in you can see I’ve got the sold items up so here we have so, I’ve got sold items completed items and I’ve sorted them from lowest to highest colluding postage and you can see the prices here if you are sceptical about the actual coin this one has one rare coin I wouldn’t say that that mintage is rareI’d say it’s probably scarce and as you can see this coin actually looks pretty good. It was pretty authentic.

 There might be some fake ones that are going around but I really haven’t seen that one’s probably in fine condition if it’s in very good condition a lot of the most of the crown would actually see you can see the diamonds then some of the outlines of the thought it was very found that will probably have actually been worn away and this one’s sold for 15 bucks so from 138 was it to 15 bucks it’s like10% the actual value will probably a bit more per cent and if we have a look at another one okay it’s the enemy.

This one’s very good and how much it’s all for 25 dollars including postage probably registered post I’d say because really you will play with fire if you send it with a normal post they just claim something back as undelivered and then you just lose your coin and the money so $25 for that it’s very good instead of 53 or whatever it was, yes and that actually looks like a very good point that’s the conditions yeah that’s only half the price of the catalogue and if we look any of them have actually okay that’s good.

This one looks okay $25 plus $6 postage that it’s registered post or seven beads ended in October if we have a look at the actual income on where’s the other side got slow internet I have and you need to look for errors on this as well you go oh yes very good it’s 25 bucks so pretty much a half the value of the catalogue so let’s have a look at the end dates recent first okay as you can see okay so someone actually paid 40 bucks don’t know what these two are I have a look at this in a minute 49for two so that’s 1/2 catalogue you do get outliers.

So pretty much half the catalogue value all woods actually say let’s have a look at this one son look at that you missed out on this item yeah I’m glad I did so 295 really you paid 295 for that it’s a bit of an error coin no it just looks like it’s got corrosion on it so really wouldn’t pay10 bucks of that so was a description some pitting on a verse McDonald’scatalogue $600 really I wouldn’t wear that Catalogue 500 years ago oh we didn’t actually pay 600 or that much.

I wouldn’t even pay 10 bucks on that, that’s really I should get a McDonald’scatalogs it’ll actually size but 600bucks none no one’s gonna pay for that600 bucks they might pay 40 to 50 bucks that’s bad yet and this one is a spacefiller. so this is some people would say counterfeit some people would say a fake coin and from my experience just looking at that look at the date that that looks terrible the one’s fives and nine it’s terrible the lettering is just too thick especially on CNI on a Commonwealth the O’s are pretty bad you need to be careful of DC.

If you get a coin like this and say I came back in that condition wow it’s so good it’s pretty unrealistic look at it that will probably be very fine to an EF condition to me and really it’s just too good to be true so it’s really not that coin and they’ve actually said that but they should actually put a marking on it saying that is to copy or whoever actually minted it so don’t buy that stuff unless you say maybe I’ll buy one just to make a video on them because people need to be aware of that and let’s have a look at another coin so we go back we choose another denomination copy a common one chosen.

 I can’t really look at these I look at the Halfpenny in one penny in so many chillings let’s go to pull the coins again we’ll just choose a date at random okay no not the 19 19 23 sorry come on and that’s gonna be a bit slow so let’s go on.

You can string I’m free footprints go-getting sold items again look there it is okay we go to Louis and talk about two to three dollars for being very very good condition okay so two dollars free 50 paisa teach me that actually looks very good and next we have a look at this coin 1 coin sterling silver 18 dollars so come on show us a picture okay.

So this one is probably very close as well very great so $50 and fun condition very good pre-bent $10 okay so then you got a good condition which is actually three or four dollars so that’s a look at what the coin catwalk size they’re very good twenty four dollars what’s the mintage of 815 people but what they say is that it’s only three or four dollars in fine condition so 20.55 saying wouldn’t you have a baby it’s actually quite lower.

 So, when you actually buying these coins you need to make sure of what the actual value is in the sold items, so make sure you’re not actually overpaying for coins that you will never actually get the value back again in a short term may be at the long term price will actually increase but with the number of coins, they’re actually on the market now like previously you could only buy them at certain places in coin shops probably at markets probably through newspapers which is limited but now we’ve got the internet anyone can actually put the coins on quite easily and it’s really no hassle to actually sell so it was actually quite a lot of a coin stock out there that’s actually driven the prices down as well so and a lot of coins pretty much are not worth selling anyway unless you sell em in bulk which most a lot of coin sellers actually do.

A few actually sell them individually but they probably like you to buy more than just one coin yeah so these catalogues probably have units actually. So my way of doing the value is to look at these values here and then over just cut them in half automatically and I’d then I go to eBay sold items andI’ll see what they actually sell for anyway.
So I will like to say thank you very much for reading my post. Thank you very much and good luck with your banknote collecting.

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