Coin Value depends on Supply and Demand

Today we’re gonna talk about the value of the actual coins you have in your collection but because I don’t know what coins you actually have. I have a representative sample here and as you can see they’re from all over the world so let’s get on with it so the question I get asked from people who are not into coin collecting were just beginning is that here’s my coin valuable and there are two things actually determine a value of a coin that supplies. so, how many coins are actually on the market? or how many coins are actually minted? or how many coins survived after they were withdrawn from circulation?

Like most of these coins here on demand so how many people want that coin and if you have a coin that has high demand but low mintage like a half-crown from 1817 you know? I do not know the mintage off by hand but after a quick search on the Internet, yes the Internet is going to give the new order, every websites actually have coin catalogues.

 I can tell you that this coin is a mintage of 8 million 19 mm and because it is actually a higher denomination coin a lot of these would have been not kept was it too high value they would have been cycled either by mounting down I’m into coins, not just UK coins probably coins from other countries or just melt it down and scrap.

I do not know anyfigures about how many of these coinsactually survived I don’t think anyoneknows but because they’re actually of a high value so only as a silver valueabout eight dollars fifty but it has ato buy this coin you actually need tospend at least 70 to 80 dollars just tobuy this coin Hey but when you get tothe later half crowns you’re probablylooking about twenty to thirty dollarsbecause there is a larger number mintedand there will be a lowerdemand because in UK coin is generally the older the coin is or if the coinrepresents a certain specific figurelike Queen Elizabeth the first or KingHenry yet the third it was actuallypretty popular then those coins actuallyhave an increased value because there’sactually more people wanting thoselimited coins so and also we haveanother thing that goes in and demandeddesigns, so that all these half crownshave the coat of arms of the UnitedKingdom so we have two free Lions ofEngland the one line of Scotland and thehalf of Ireland there’s nothing forWales which is a little bit sad andthey’re actually quite a nice coin sothat it will actually impact the demandpeople look at this coin go hard it’sbeautiful coin.

 I really want one and so they will be done it and because there’slike eight million coins of these ones for this coin is about twenty-nine and a half million that would impact the actual value of these coins as well so this corny yeah is worth fair half of that coin but when you get home into coins we have an Australian 2011catherine’s Middleton these actually have a larger mintage of now I think about six or seven million I can remember off for hand I’m not gonna go and look at mintage figures of this but the demand for these coins is actually not as high you can quite easily get these in circulation and if you really want one actually 

An uncirculated coin is actually not too scarce to come by so really those coins only worth about one or two dollars and if you want just normal circulating coins so here’s a nice one dollar coin from 994 you can still get this in circulation they seem to be turning up quite often lately and these are really only worth a dollar so only face value for a coin like this if you’re not in high grade in uncirculated you’re probably looking about six or seven dollars in a set and then is because there are about 185 million of these coins.

This coin is going to be common for hundreds of years so the prices that they are now they’re not going to change for hundreds of years because they’re just going to be very easy to get and the market is just saturated with them so I would not actually collect these coins if you want it to increase later cuz it’s just not going to happen the same with you know the 20 cent coin andI’m not just talking about Australian coins I’m talking about coins of any country.

So, In the United States UK, all these normal circulating coins are just going to be pretty common for hundreds of years to come, unless it’s in a set, I wouldn’t worry about collecting them probably not damaged like this if it’s an error coin while that actually makes it different and then we have you know the modern alignment coin.

Here I have a two-dollar police coin we don’t know the mintage figures to those yet all right I reckon he’ll be like two to four million of these minted so at the time being there about four or five dollars each from circulation if they’re uncirculated with a bit markers would be hard again and these coins would probably be that price until demand picks up so there’s enough coins to satisfy dust collectors market I don’t think these are really that popular internationally, but until that demand actually picks up they’re going to be you know two-and-a-half-face value unlike the two thousand then twelve poppy corn which actually this year just increased from a bit forty-fifty dollars to better eighty dollars of a leaf, eighty to one hundred dollars so it’s quite an impact and that’s just that just fueled by people demanding it and expecting it to go up so a lot of people are probably hoarding coins and not worrying about selling and then you have you know people collect coins for silver value in United States.

If you see coin channels like half-dollar make you holla or coin up they actually collect these from circulation so silver coins and this is an 80 per cent 1964 and 40 per cent 1968 and these are actually high minted coins so in this grade pretty much were funny boolean value probably a little bit over if you sell on they were just to get your fees back but you can actually still find these in circulation because a lot of people still cash these in they don’t worry about the silver value or so reckon it might be just too hard to actually sell.

You might be just easier to take to a bank and you get people like that don’t care about collectors coins I don’t care about the monetary value and that’s fine you people want to do that and someone else goes in the bank and gets a coin that’s too damp so here minus 68 and for these coins is like a hundred to two hundred million of these coins so in this grade they’re only going to be worth boolean value for hundreds of years and that also goes for 1966 50 cent coin thirty-four million minted probably a little bit over but there’s enough demand for the collectors market and then there’s the excess demand or excess coinage out there which is actually not demanded.

These ones are pretty much worth just a little bit over bullionbecause it’s just so many of them and you know if you’re in Australia and you’re wanting to stack coins the silver recommend that you stuck the 50 cent coin you can get the old flowing coins that are nearly bullion value but they’re a bit harder because they’re a bit older and there’s a less mental of them and if you’re in the United StatesI’ll probably just try and stack these half dollars from probably from circulation you’ll be taken a while but as we’ve seen with inflation these coins actually retain your sewer value just that the dollar value actually lose their value compared to silver and also gold as well and then we have the grades so when you’ve got a coin it’s in demand and when you have a good market for has a low mintage so dis one if the low mintage 71, things like 21 million made so probably not alive minted coin but the 72 to 74 Li minted but as you can see grade also impacts the price.

When you got a 72 coin like this you’re probably looking about 3 or 4 dollars but if you have a Dean uncirculated you’re probably looking about 30 to 40dollars even though you can get him incents it means it’s actually at least one or two hundred dollars for the early70s so a coin like this would I keep this 1971 well obviously I did but in reality is enough 1971 to settle to market and this is only a spender coins really it’s not worth keeping because it’s only worth 50 cents in this grade for 1971 and then uncirculated probably looking at about ten dollars anyway, then there are other collectors coins no Austrian shilling.

 I’ve already made a post on these is a just three or four dollars over bullion value you can probably try and get them for bullion, but now you’ll be fishing around looking very hard to actually get any of these coins for bullion you need to get them from circulation or be lucky on eBay so you basically coin shops they might actually sell this for bullion if they can get them for lower than bullion or if they win it to get rid of excess stock but you know you’ll also be doing a lot of work just to get those as well.

In conclusion, if there is too much supply like the United States half a dollar or the Australian 50-cent coin which are pretty much by 50 cent coins anyways and there’s not enough demand so there is enough for each individual collector in their respective countries but about that these coins are really just lien values if there’s enough supply and not demand makes the coins low value but if there is not enough supply like this coin but there is a lot more demand that will actually push the price up of whatever coin you have so that’s a lot of supply and demand and when you’re talking about footprints most of these are pretty much just one or two dollars so it’ll be the bullion but they’re really easy to get.

 I hope this helps with the price of your coins you need to do your research so all of these coins are different they are different factors they’re all popular in different countries so theUnited States coins are popular inUnited States Australia in Australia, UK, they are popular in Australia but also most popular in the United Kingdom in India these coins actually popular in India there’s not much demand in Australia for one rupee coins so and as well as these Austrian shillings and usually base metal coins unless they’re very low minted like under a million, they’re pretty cheap because high mentor coins have even if they have high demand is actually enough to set all the actual market so do your research on each coin, find out the mintages find out the prices that they actually sold before, not what people were selling them for because a lot of those prices are pretty unrealistic but what they have sold them for.

 In fact, research is important and knowledge is the key to the supply and demand in your market so anyway I hope you liked this post? I’ll leave a link down here later to eBay sold items so you can check to see what your coin actually sold for and if it’s not on eBay it most likely it is a low Mint coin and have awesome coin collecting time, Bye!

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