Cost of United Kingdom 1891 Victoria Penny

Hello fellow coin collectors, today we are looking at the 1891 one penny from the United Kingdom as you can see It is actually in pretty poor condition. so this one is actually just one it doesn’t have any signs of actual damage or corrosion and this one on this side has actually got a lot of corrosion. Also, by looking close, you can see that there is just a lot of flaking on the actual coin and this indicates that this excellent Chrome probably was in the ground at some time so a lot of of acids would actually speed up the actual decomposition process.

We’re going to talk about decomposition, and also talk about oxidation so a lot of this coin is mostly composed of copper and copper likes to easily react with oxygen and sulfides in the soil so and chlorides as well so you’ve got salts in the soil and sodium chloride and actually likes to form a more stable element than pure copper because copper is not stable so in the long term, while we have a lot of coins actually get a thick patina like this call a coin in the end in a thousands to millions of years.

These coins actually disintegrate and be recycled back into you so do virtually will be nothing left of them so that is a bad thing about losing coins is that eventually they disappear and some coins actually disappear a lot quicker than others and you can just see the little white house it’s in the background and in light of coins ex-wives come up to a back yeah halfway but here on these coins their whites are actually Danny and here is an actual ship and this is 1891like any and on the obverse via Victoria de Gracia Britannia Regime with our defender, and you can see this was also very degraded.

This coin pretty much is worthless it has no real babies people actually don’t want to buy and probably the same with this coin very low-value coin you can just see Britannia, yeah you can barely make out the one penny the dates pretty clear can’t see the ship the rooms pretty worn so this is probably in good condition the Queen’shead is totally worn so you can actually see the roof that actually goes around.

If so that is basically what you actually want to see you want to see the actual reef that’s on ahead and also the the hair is a bolt and this one you can’t actually see any so this is actually very warm coin but the room is actually still quite distinct it’s not actually joined into the coin so this is actually had a good life and these ones would have probably circulated in Australia I can’t remember where I get them I can’t remember getting most of my coin to say apart from eBay sometimes people give coins to me or I purchased from eBay or swaps but these actually would have circulated coins.

 UK coins issued up into 1910 so they would have been in circulation for at least 20 years after 1910 as well and they phased out during that time between1910 and 1930 they were phased out but all coins for since 1788 that we issued in United Kingdom been legal tender up into 1910 so if you find any of these in your Huntsville coins like if you go metal detecting and you find the UK coin dated probably mid 1700to 1910 in before you know it’s probably circulated in Australia and it’s probably issued in Australia or come over in Australia through one of the various immigration programs so here we are all coin values it’s good website except for actual prices and if we look at the UK penny you can see this seventeen million eight hundred and eighty five thousand nine hundred and sixty.

An actual issued bronze coin minted in London it’s a 9.4 grams, 30.8 millimetres and ages plain here’s Leonard one not too sure if this is actually correct need to look that up and here we add the values so how actually worked the values at in these markets of today I’d actually take the values so I’m very good to verify and I would slash them in half so very Goods probably at one pound very fine probably 6 pounds and 42 uncirculated roughly.

 I’ll just take a better third of the price so deferred of this price be bent but eighteen pounds a third of this price would be so we’ve got thirty probably forty five pounds and a third of this price so you’ve got nineteen forty-five pounds roughly so that’s basically how old determine the actual value or you could actually go to eBay.

 I have some values here so I guess I’m in good conditions for like two dollars then we’ve got some lots for like thirteen dollars so that’s probably there four dollars per coin and then work two dollars as well same we also get a condition probably 2 dollars, $7.00 for ones probably in a probably fine condition we are $17 it’s probably like very fine condition you have 1/4 for that 452 probably in fine and very good condition I would say and this one’s probably in good condition for $2.

Basically, the coin I had where isn’t this one I would say comes at a price that’s similar to this so bad two dolls for that that’s what you’ll be paying is probably one in fine condition $4 let’shave a look at the actual coin yes not bad pretty good condition so that’s in fine condition so about 5 bucks of that and this one’s probably high-grade, this is like $15 these coins actually not too expensive as what you think but instead of paying individual coins this is actually how I like should get pennies and halfpennies just by this safe assignment, was like $25 plus $9 postage.

I had a whole other coin a lot of them look like junk but some of them are probably in okay condition for a collection so if you’re interested in getting pennies in a stack probably this way is the actual cheapest to actually get a point so you’ll probably get like this coin here looks good the one atop no not that one then you’ve got a few underneath like there some of these pennies here so some of them actually look actually good to get so basically for a coin in this condition you’ll be paying about $2 if you want more of the actual reef then you’ll be paying a higher value if you want a one that’s in a condition like this.

You probably talk about forty to fifty dollars which or probably even higher depending on where actually buying from so that is the coin you actually want but it’s gonna set you back quite a lot of money if you want a space filler like these ones and this one pretty much probably bit the dollar probably not even it already just frolic in a lot of coins are actually been damaged so just get them off as a bulk lot probably sell them for twenty to thirty cents each.

 so, if you have any comments about the one penny coin from the the United Kingdom please leave it down below and if you actually like to collect UK coins I never used to but then I actually got older coins from theUnited Kingdom and I just find them fascinating actually because you can see that they climb so here’s the silver penny you can see the actual decline any extra coin so this one’s actually a halfpenny you can see a decline in the actual penny over time and at the time this was probably less than the bronze value in the actual coin itself but by 1967.

The actual bronze value would be actually more than the actual coin and I’m surprised they weren’t actually melted down in quite a high rate so there’s actually quite a lot of them around still quite a lot of these winds around very easy to get on eBay. so if you need a space fill up and just walk it five bucks and you can geta really decent coin you know I might say thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed collecting in this series on UK coins which will take probably for the rest the year because a few hundred UK coins actually get that’s you’ll find informative. leave a comment down below if there’s specific coin you actually want to review and if I actually have in my collection I’ll actually do it. so, thank you very much. 

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